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A good sportsperson will practice what they are best at because it makes them feel better about their performance. A great sportsperson will practice what they are worst at in order to improve, no matter how many times they may fail.

It is the same in our daily lives that we must challenge ourselves every single day. As I mentioned in the last post about being productive - do the hardest tasks at the start of your work day. Not only do you have more energy but you literally feel more empowered to smash through your other daily tasks. Motivational speaker and life coach Robin Sharma says that by doing the things we are resisting, we literally take back the will power we would have lost if we gave in to the resistance. He describes will power like a muscle and says the more we do the things we fear and the more we challenge ourselves, the more that muscle is worked and exercised.

Think about the things you fear and tackle them head on. Do not define failure as a lack of success but as a learning curve on the path to it. I read a quote the other day from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that said “If your dreams do not scare you, then you are not dreaming big enough”. If we do not continue to reach for the things that seem out of our reach, then we will never grow or achieve success.

Procrastination can be one of the biggest factors that stops us from achieving and getting things done. Most of the time we procrastinate out of fear or failure. We don’t start a task, because we want to get it right the first time. I’m sure you have heard people say “If I could just get started, I would be unstoppable”. This is because they have an underlying fear of not making the correct decisions or movements from the very beginning - it shouldn’t be this way. Before they start their masterpieces, a lot of artists will paint random colours onto their blank white canvas. This way it does not matter if they make a mistake, the canvas is already messy, it is their job to transform it. We should use the same metaphor in life and start every task by jumping into it head first. This doesn’t mean to say we shouldn’t plan - having a plan is critical. But be direct - create a plan and then go for it.

A practical way to help beat procrastination and embrace the challenges we face day to day is by doing a procrastination diet. Again, this comes from Robin Sharma. Use a diary or digital calendar and each day write down a simple task that you have been resisting or resist daily. This could be as simple as doing the dishes, or visiting the dentist. Or as extreme as starting your new business; try and mix it up but do one thing each day. After 30 days straight you will notice a huge difference in your confidence to tackle the things you used to dread. Try it out and let us know how it goes.
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